Waterbeach barracks and airfield is a unique place, nestled in a beautiful and established landscape, connected to a popular and dynamic village.

The next evolution of the site will work with the centuries of history on and around the site: growing along the Causeway route, connecting the existing village to the re-energised barracks district through its unique waterfront and onwards towards Denny Abbey.

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See the story and the vision for the first phase consultation at Waterbeach Barracks.

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The first phase at Waterbeach Barracks.

Now that the Outline Application and full planning framework is agreed, the team are able to share the evolving detail which will make up the Application for the first phase of delivery.

This will include:

The first Primary School 

Surrounded by woodland
glades for hands-on learning and play

1600 homes

Brought forward in smaller phases

Health provision and library services

Complementing services in the village

Shops and café

Set around the lake and within a local centre

25 play areas

For the young at heart of all ages

Community orchards

Allotments and places to forage

Sports pitches

Water sports and running loops