A Green Place

Waterbeach Barracks provides a unique landscape: rich in inherited woodland and grassland, and centred around the 20 acre lake.

This provides a firm foundation to preserve and enhance, creating a truly stunning setting for both nature and people to enjoy.


Phase 1 will:

Double the amount of woodland to over 25 acres (10 hectares);

Manage the denser woodland into a better condition for nature and people to enjoy;

Plant over 10,000 climate tolerant native species trees.


Phase 1 will:

Deliver over 11 acres (4.5 hectares) of grassland including;

Ecological corridors for nature;

Running loops and walking and cycling trails for people to enjoy.

Biodiversity Net Gain

The habitats and spaces we are creating have been designed and audited with the Wildlife Trust who will continue to monitor delivery across the site. Urban&Civic are committed to delivering 45% of the development as green space, and ensuring that overall we support a gain in the amount of priority habitats and species compared to the current site.

This is part of our commitment to the Doubling Nature Vision for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough which Urban&Civic are signed up to.

The lake

Waterbeach will be a blue place too, with extensive ponds and swales connecting to the wider water network. Within the lake, we will:

Manage the islands as nature reserves to support our resident bats and kingfishers;

Use quieter areas to enhance grassy banks so support mammals, such as water vole;

Enhance water edges to support invertebrates like the rare pond skaters found here.