A Growing Place

The development will see a multi-billion investment over the next 15 years, running through all of the supply chain. Our commitment is to maximise the benefit to the local economy and businesses and use this investment to support social sustainability. This means:
As part of our early commitment to jobs and skills, U&C are supporting New Meaning with a scheme to build homes for homeless people, using a former hangar on site to enable modular construction, which will support a scheme in Barnwell, Cambridge.

Setting up a jobs brokerage as a key part of a jobs and skills strategy, which will help local people gain training and employment on site

Working across the construction sector in the development to target opportunities to communities and individuals most in need

Working with local schools, across their curriculum and Careers programmes to promote opportunities in engineering, landscaping and design, construction and project management

Working across the local supply chain, through Meet the Buyer events and sector networks, to promote opportunities to bid for work as part of the development